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FlexiShield Headlight Film 50% Light

FlexiShield Headlight Film 50% Light

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Headlight Protection Film (HDL)

(Available in 20%, 35%, and 50% VLT)

(All rolls come 30" by 50')

Constructed out of durable, American  

polyurethane, this film provides a physical  

barrier for headlights and taillights. Forget  

about scratches, rock chips, streaks, and  

swirls, because this tinted protection film  

is formulated to handle every hazard the  

road throws at it. Instantly add to the lux 

ury of a vehicle while retaining its value by  

using HDL, FlexiShield’s premium head 

light protection film. 

protection for the road ahead 


The ability to heal is an advanced feature inside the film’s coating called thermoplastic poly urethane (TPU), a flexible thermoplastic layer  that can self-heal once damage occurs. Slight  abrasions, scratches or outdoor hazards can be  averted with this advanced chemical property.


FlexiShield HDL is designed to enhance both  the look and the protection of headlights. Make  no mistake, however, no clarity was sacrificed in  giving this film a slight tint. In fact, haze level for  HDL produced testing results under 1.6%.


With elongation measured up to 350%, not only  is HDL rewarding to install, it stands up to years  of abuse on the road. You will not see it tear or  split easily. 

Testing Standard

Thickness Total 

6.5 mil

Top Coating 

0.5 mil





5.0 mil


1.0 mil

UV Acceleration 

1200 Hours, 120° F - Pass

TPU Haze Δ 

After 3000 Hours 


ASTM D1003-13 

Original 0.8

Yellowing Δ 

After 1200 Hours 

< 1.2% 

ASTM D1925-70

Self Healing Δ 

After 3000 Hours 


Lab Testing



ASTM 6775-13

Cold Slam 

No cracking 

or Peeling 


Stain Resistance 

No cosmetic  


Lab Testing

20 Degree Gloss 

> 78 GU 

Gloss Meter 

20 Degree

Chip Resistance 

No Damage 

on paint 

ASTM D3170

Peel Adhesion

449.0 N/m 

41 oz/in

20 minutes at  

room temperature

481.0 N/m 

44 oz/in

24 hours at  

room temperature

514.0 N/m 

47 oz/in

1 week at  

room temperature

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