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3M Emblem Tape

3M Emblem Tape

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3M Press-In-Place Emblem Adhesive offers a simple no-fuss, no-mess way to attach automotive emblems. Our transfer adhesive works by simply pressing emblem onto the adhesive strip and then placing emblem on vehicle. It's really that simple. Adhesive comes 10 strips per pack.

  • Pressure sensitive adhesive attaches automotive emblems and trim
  • Simply press emblem onto adhesive and place emblem on vehicle
  • No-mess convenience eliminates messy drips and runs common to conventional glue
  • Requires no trimming as would 2-sided tape
Attach Automotive Emblems and Trim

3M™ Press-In-Place Emblem Adhesive securely bonds emblems and small pieces of trim to automotive surfaces with exceptional ease. Here's how easily it works. Press the emblem onto the adhesive strip, remove it from the strip and then place it on the car. The acrylic adhesive on the liner transfers directly to the emblem with a thin layer of adhesive that won't ooze out, but will create a strong, reliable and lasting bond.

Excels at Convenience and Simplicity

Our pressure-sensitive transfer adhesive is easier than using double-sided tape and glue for bonding emblems and trim. Unlike double-sided tape, our adhesive requires no trimming, which is a significant advantage when the emblem has a unique or intricate profile. Our press-In-place adhesive beats traditional glues because there are no messy drips or runs, eliminating the extra work of cleaning up smudges on paint jobs, plastic or other surfaces. The no-mess nature of our pressure-sensitive adhesive strips keeps hands clean, too. Our adhesive also dries clear for a low profile appearance.

A Speedy Job that Requires Little Work

Because the bond is almost instant, attaching emblems is a quick and simple job. There's also no time needed for mixing or preparation with our ready-to-use adhesive. With virtually no clean up, this task can be completed in little time.


Adhesive Type
10 per Pack
Overall Length (Imperial)
12 in
Overall Length (Metric)
304 mm
Overall Width (Imperial)
2 in
Overall Width (Metric)
304 mm
Product Color
Shelf Life
24 Month
2 inch x 12 inch
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (Imperial)
10 mil
Total Tape Thickness without Liner (Metric)
0.254 mm
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